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Thesis defense calendar

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Thesis deposit and defense protocol

What is a PhD thesis?

The PhD thesis consists of an original research work written by the PhD student in his field of knowledge, under the supervision of the director. This work is the cornerstone for obtaining the Doctor diploma. Training activities are considered as additional part of the education. The aim is to train the PhD student reach the ability for autonomous work in the selected R+D+i field.

Tutor and Director

Director (Research Supervisor)

He is the person in charge of the student research supervision: research project, strategy, planning and temporal programming. He is also responsible for designing an innovative research lading to a quality scientific production that must materialize in terms of relevant publications and patents.

Tutor (Academic Supervisor)

The tutor does not intervene in the doctoral thesis. Its role is to supervise the additional training of the doctoral student (Training Activities).

Thesis Mentions

International Mention

The University of Almería offers the possibility of receiving an International PhD Mention.

This Mention may be included on the back side of the Doctor diploma if the PhD student fulfills the requirements stipulated in the International Mention Regulations. International Mention Regulations.

Industrial Mention

The University of Almería offers the possibility of receiving an Industrial PhD Mention.

The PhD Industrial Mention requires the student to participate in an industrial research project directly related to the thesis. The research must be developed in a company or Public Administration, different from the university.

I was able to consult the requirements for obtaining the Industrial Mention in Industrial Mention Regulation. Industrial Mention Regulation.

International Co-supervision

The international cotutelage is a regime which results in the obtaining of the Doctor's Degree by two Universities: the University of Almeria and a foreign University. The University of Almeria will grant the title of Doctor, including on the obverse side the diligence "Thesis in cotutelage regime with the [FOREIGN UNIVERSITY]", as established by the state regulation in force in Spain (RD 99/11).

PhD Awards

It is the responsibility of the International PhD School to convene PhD annual award.

List of PhD awards in recent years:

National Thesis Catalog

Teseo database is the name of the website of the central repository of doctoral theses in Spain. This tool is managed by the Spanish state and is in service since 2011.

There is a search system to locate theses developed at 80 universities and PhD centers in all fields.