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The University of Almería sees doctoral training as the culmination of university studies and as one of the fundamental axes of its project of excellence. To this end, the International PhD School (EIDUAL) has been equipped to train doctoral students as researchers. Being a doctor is not only knowing and mastering a field of knowledge and science, but also contributing something to the advancement of knowledge and having the capacities and attitudes to lead a sector of social relevance.

EIDUAL's PhD Programs strives for innovation, the transfer of research results, the employability of its graduates, as well as the capacity to seek closer collaboration between society and the university.

UAL is proud of all its graduates, but hopes that its doctors know how to respond to the enormous challenge that the world has to face at present: to provide knowledge leadership in the process of transition to a new world order, that it is bound to be freer, fairer and more supportive.

EIDUAL is aware of the growing and inevitable demand for internationalization. It has, as one of its main strategic objectives, the worldwide dissemination of its programs, placing special attention and emphasis on Ibero-American countries, with which we are united by friendship and fraternity, to be implemented for mutual and reciprocal benefit.

Management Team

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the body in charge of carrying out the functions related to the organization and general management of EIDUAL.

Management Committee

This is the ordinary collegiate body of representation and government of the International Doctoral School of the University of Almeria.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee of the EIDUAL is the body responsible for supervising the monitoring, modification and evaluation of the Doctoral Programs of the University of Almeria.