This is a specific and transversal activity.

The activity will involve

  • A research stay in a national or foreign center of recognized prestige.
  • The duration of the stay will range from a minimum of three months to a maximum of one year.
  • The doctoral student will justify at least one mobility activity during their training period.

Time planning

  • The execution period is expected to be in the second or third year for full-time students,
  • and in the fourth or fifth year for part-time students.

However, this period will depend on the requirements and planning of the research the student is carrying out and will be set at the discretion of the thesis director and be subject, where appropriate, to the granting of financial aid. Part-time students may divide the total period of the stay into short periods that are in accordance with their commitment regime and compatible with other professional activities.

Competencies / Learning outcomes

With this activity, it is intended that the doctoral student acquires additional or complementary applied training to that included in his/her thesis project, and that it will enrich the quality of his/her research training in technical or procedural aspects. Likewise, the aim is to develop skills or abilities such as teamwork in an international and / or interdisciplinary context, the latter aspects being especially valued. The skills to acquire are:

  • CA04 - To work both in a team and independently in an international or multidisciplinary context.

The doctoral students will be able to take advantage of any call from the Spanish, European and Andalusian plans that allow (in their provisions) scholarships, grants or loans for the financing of tuition, accommodation, maintenance or any other aspect that (in national or foreign territory) favors the students’ study development in accordance with the budgetary allocations and financial provisions available for each academic year.

Regarding the information indicated, the following can be highlighted:

University Teacher Training Program (FPU) Scholarships: The purpose of the call is to offer grants to promote PhD Program training in research and training solvency for those who wish to direct their professional activity towards university research and teaching; this is integrated within the National Human Resources Training Program.

Mobility grants for students in Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports PhD Programs: These are intended to cover the expenses incurred from the student stay during the academic year, in centers located in the European Union or the European Economic Area countries, other than Spain, to carry out part of the doctoral thesis research and fulfill the requirement for requesting the convening of the thesis tribunal to award the European Mention to the Doctorate degree.

Mobility Aid for PhD Program professors: These are intended to grant subsidies to promote the strengthening and internationalization of doctoral training offered by Spanish universities through mobility stays for visiting professors within the framework of an institutional strategy in this subject and, especially, aimed at the consolidation of PhD Programs that have a Mention towards Excellence.

Other public bodies also offer scholarships and grants to promote mobility:

The Department of the Economy, Innovation and Science of the Andalusian Government offers the Talentia Scholarships to Andalusian university graduates to carry out postgraduate programs at some of the best foreign universities around the world. The program is managed by the Andalusian Knowledge Agency.

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness also offers Research Staff Training Grants (FPI). The FPI subprogram offers grants to enable the scientific training of those university graduates who wish to carry out a doctoral thesis in any area of knowledge.

Ibero-American University Graduate Association -AUIP-: is an international non-governmental organization recognized by UNESCO, dedicated to promoting Ibero-American postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (Maec-Aecid): this has scholarships for foreign citizens, constituting the postgraduate training offer from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation - The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for young foreign university graduates.

In addition, they are available to students after they have been granted by other entities such as the Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange Committee whose main mission is to grant Fullbright Scholarships for higher graduates to study, research or teach in the United States, if they are Spanish, or in Spain if they are American.

The University of Almería has its own Plan for Scholarships and Study Grantsto complement the General Scheme for Scholarships and Study Grants of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, the Andalusian Government and other public and private institutions. This information is available on the​​​​​ website of the Vice-Rectorate for Research, Development and Innovation and the​​​​​ Area of Comprehensive Student Care (ARATIES)

On the website of the​​​​​​ Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization and Development Cooperation you can also find calls for scholarships and international mobility grants, aimed at both students and teachers.