Quality Assurance System of the Centers

The University of Almería has designed and implemented a Quality Assurance System (SGC) in each of its Centers, following the national ANECA guidelines and, at the Andalusian level, those of DEVA. The system is being deployed at the moment and covers all the degrees that each center offers.

An SGC is a set of documented procedures that allow the Center’s Quality to be managed; its core idea being to guarantee the quality of the teaching-learning process. To do this, it begins with an initial analysis of the structure and necessary resources that ensure continuous improvement, placing special emphasis on exceeding the expectations of the main interest group - the students - and acting so that possible problems can be detected before they occur.

Among all the results that the SGC measures and controls, those related to the assessment of the teaching staff’s teaching activity, the graduation and success rates, and the analysis of graduate labor insertion are especially relevant.

A fundamental characteristic of the SGC is that it is comprehensive, encompassing all the activities of the center and setting improvement objectives for all of them. The SGC itself is assessed and improved annually by reviewing results, observing compliance with the center's Annual Quality Plan, and through internal and external audits.

The documentation presented below refers to:

  • Quality Commission of the International PhD School. This body manages the QMS in the Center and is made up of the management team, the coordinators of the degrees offered, students, graduates, PAS and quality experts. Its minutes are made public on this website.
  • The Quality Manual. Where the QMS is presented and described and which includes the Center's Quality Policy.
  • The Annual Quality Plan. Document that annually sets the quality objectives for the year and the actions defined to achieve them.
  • The Procedures Manual. A document that describes in detail how each activity of the Center is carried out, when, by whom and how it is improved.
  • Audit Reports. Documents that analyze the Center's QMS from outside the Center, offering its strengths and areas for improvement.

Minutes of the Quality Commission of the International PhD School

QMS Procedures Manual

The detail of all the procedures can be found​​​​​​ on the following page.

Its access is protected with a key and password. If you wish to know the restricted content you can contact the Planning, Evaluation and Quality Service at calidad.academica@ual.es identifying yourself with full name, ID and purpose

QMS Manual (634.74 KB)

Quality of Administration and Services

Mission and vision

The mission and vision of the UAL International PhD school (EIDUAL) frame into the national regulations governing PhD studies, RD 99/2011. EIDUAL establishes strategic actions aimed at organizing and managing the highest level of the university education, as well as promoting quality scientific production.

EIDUAL organizes teachings and activities according the general strategy of UAL. Additionally, this PhD school address the training of doctoral students towards professional skills demanded by the productive sector. In this way, we try to develop trainings into a scenario of knowledge generation aimed at enhancing the level of teaching and researching.