PhD Program in Medical Sciences

This doctorate is framed within the academic code established by Royal Decree 99/2011. In this context, and for its implementation, the University of Almería has developed a strategic plan that will culminate in the inception of the University’s Doctorate School, approved by the Governing Council of July 27, 2012.

Its interest, from the academic perspective, lies in the great demand that exists in healthcare groups, both nationally and internationally. From this perspective, and based on the new map of degrees, we believe that Health should be contemplated with the rigor that its training requires, and arising from the need to offer students and professionals the possibility of expanding their studies in line with the research and with social demand.

Ciencias Médicas


Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Career Opportunities

After concluding these studies, the graduates will have the professional outlets indicated below:

  • Currently, in our province and in the field of health sciences, important collaborative research work is being carried out between the University of Almeria and the public health system sponsored by FIBAO (The Foundation for Biosanitary Research in Eastern Andalusia) with numerous projects being developed in the field of R + D + I with FISS, Excellence and Health Ministry projects.