Quality Procedure

The University of Almería (UAL) has designed and implemented a Quality Procedure (SGC) in its centers, the main objective of which is to ensure the continuous improvement of the official degrees being taught in them.

Through the SGC, UAL ensures that its degrees have the best possible level of quality and can approach the processes of periodic monitoring and renewal of their respective accreditations with maximum confidence. At the same time, the institution is accountable to society and makes formal commitments, advancing its offer of the highest quality student training.

The structure of the SGC is made up of different mechanisms that allow the collection and analysis of all the relevant information of an official degree. This information is systematically analysed by the Centre's Quality Committee in order to evaluate, review and make decisions aimed at improving it.


Program information

Each UAL center has two documents that formally specify its SGC - the Quality Manual, which establishes what the SGC is: its scope, content, functions and responsibilities, and the Procedures Manual, which details how, who by and when each of the processes that takes place in the center is carried out; this is graphically expressed in the center’s SGC Processes Map.