For admission to the research period on the PhD Program, it will be necessary to:

  1. Have completed UAL’s Plant Production in Protected Crops Master’s (following the research itinerary).
  2. For students who enter from degrees other than UAL’s Plant Production in Protected Crops Master's (following the researcher itinerary).
  3. It is obligatory to have studied, or to study simultaneously, the themes (or subjects) contained in the PhD Program’s training period (UAL’s Plant Production in Protected Crops Master’s) that are specified in section 3.4 as training supplements. Credits for subjects with equivalent competencies, taken in related master's degrees from other universities will be recognized. These training supplements should preferably be completed in the first year of study and, in any case, before the end of studies.​​​​​
  4. In the event that the demand for admissions is greater than the places on offer, the following admission criteria will be used to select the applicants:

o   Academic Record: 50%

o   Curriculum vitae 20%

o   Interview: 30%