Access to the doctorate

General requirements

In order to access to the PhD studies, it will be necessary to be in possession of an Official Spanish University Degree University degree, as well as a Master Degree.

The Official Pre-Bologna University Degree must match to a Grade-3 of the MECES levels established by the Spanish Government (Spanish web page).

Those who are in any of the following cases may also access to the PhD studies (view cases)

Specific conditions

Some PhD programs have their own access requirements that can be found on the program´s page, at the item "Knowing the Program / Specific Criteria".


In order to access to one of the PhD programs offered by the University of Almería, the candidates must pre-register to undergo a selection process.

They will contribute in the period established for it:

Pre-registration period

Management commitment

A commitment signed by the candidate for thesis director (direction commitment). The candidate for supervisor must exceed the quality requirements established by the University of Almeria. In addition, the candidate for director must not exceed the maximum number of directorships allowed by the PhD regulations (including the new students he/she intends to direct).

Research Planning

The Research Plan is the Research Work he student tries to develop during his period as a PhD student, as well as strategy to reach it.

It includes four sections:

  1. Provisional title of the thesis
  2. Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Media and planning

INITIAL PLANNING: The research planning will be in the PRE-ENROLLMENT period. This is one of the evaluable items (rules stablished by the academic committee) for the PhD student selection.

In case of being selected and once enrolled in the doctoral studies, the student must incorporate this Initial Research Pan into the digital platform RAPI in the dates established for it..

CONFIRM / MODIFY Once a year, the PhD student must NECESSARILY TO BE EVALUATED: either 1) to confirm that the Research Planning is the proper one, or 2) to modify the Research Plan in order to improve it, establish new strategies or redo it according to the evolution of its scientific research. It will use the digital platform established for this purpose RAPI and in the dates established for it.. Both the Confirmation and the Modification must be checked by the student's supervisor to be valid.

Admission procedure

Once the pre-registration process has been completed:

  • The University of Almería will check that the access conditions fulfills.
  • The PhD Program Academic Committee will evaluate the applications and will prepare a list of admitted candidates.
  • The list will indicate the candidates that must pass Additional Specific Complements once enrolled in the PhD studies. These Complements must be passed during the PhD period (preferably during the first year). This is a compulsory condition to obtain the title of Doctor at the end of the doctoral training process.