Structure and distribution of credits


Distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of subject matters

Distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of subject matters
Course Basic Mandatory Optatives Curricular internships End of Studies Dissertation Total
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Structure of the Degree

  • Module 1: Social Sciences as Models.
  • Module 2: Tools and Instruments.
  • Module 3: Social Work: Concepts, Methods, Theories and Application.
  • Module 4: Institutional Context of Social Work. .
  • Module 5: Processes and Problems dealt with in Social Work. .
  • Module 6: Work Placement and Undergraduate Dissertation. Module
  • Module 7: Elective.

The distribution of the degree by type of subject is the following:

  • Basic Training: 60 credits. It provides a comprehensive training in which fundamental aspects of Social and Education Sciences specialisation are taught.
  • Compulsory: 138 credits. They correspond with the knowledge needs and professional performance skills related with the exercise of social work: concepts, methods, theories and application of social work, its institutional and organisational contexts, the processes on which social work is applied, organisational tools for the professional performance and ethics.
  • Elective courses: 18 credits. They introduce and initiate the future social worker in the application of the conceptual basis and specific methodologies in relevant professional spaces. Recognition of students who have participated in university cultural, sporting, student representation and cooperation activities (up to 6 credits) is included within the 18 credits for elective courses. Otherwise, students will have to take a total of 3 electives (instead of the 2 required).
  • Work Placement: 18 credits. Work Placement provide students with specific knowledge of social intervention in different contexts. The student’s academic training is completed with the incorporation in the work placement centres, supervised by professionals who hold a Degree in Social Work .
  • Undergraduate Dissertation: 6 credits.
  • Total: 240 credits.

You can see the degree report in the section 'Introduction'.

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