The Academic Committee ( is made up of the following members:


Las funciones de la Comisión Académica son las siguientes:

The functions of the Academic Committee are as follows:

Concerning The Phd Program

  • Keeping the list of PhD Program members and External Collaborators updated.
  • Technically evaluating the incorporation or removal of researchers to and from the program.
  • Proposing the incorporation of new research lines, or the elimination of existing ones, to EIDUAL.
  • Evaluating the merits and proposing to EIDUAL an ordered list of students selected for admission to the PhD Program, along with the assignment of the thesis tutor, director, and co-directors.
  • Participating as a technical committee in the processes of monitoring, accreditation, modification or termination of the PhD Program.

Concerning Document Procedures

  • Establishing the training supplements required for each PhD student.
  • Approving the doctoral student's research plan.
  • Proposing transversal and specific training activities in their field.
  • Following up on the periodic evaluation of the doctoral student in each of the different training processes.
  • Approving changes in modality, extensions and temporary withdrawals.

Related To The Defence Of The Thesis

  • To authorize the deposit of the doctoral thesis, based on the requirements established in this regulation.
  • To propose the members of the tribunals for assessing doctoral theses to EIDUAL.