PhD Program in Mathematics

The Inter-university PhD Program in Mathematics will be taught jointly by the Universities of Almería, Cádiz, Granada (Coordinating University), Jaén and Málaga. It is the natural continuation of the Official PhD Program in Mathematics offered by said universities, positively established on 30/06/2010, and which received the Mention for Excellence from the Ministry of Education (MEC).

This program aims to give high-quality professional training in the knowledge and development of new techniques, methods and mathematical theories that are fundamental to our technology. The activities leading to the acquisition of the competencies and skills necessary to obtain the Doctorate in Mathematics include:

  • Advanced research seminars in which national and foreign experts participate.
  • Participation in conferences, workshops and research activities carried out in the departments, over thematic networks and in other collaborating institutions.
  • Initial training seminars on current research topics.

It should be noted that the program is based on the activity of 31 active research projects, obtained in competitive calls, and led by personnel assigned to the program’s research teams. These projects (international, national and regional) bring together a very important part of Andalusian Mathematics research, both pure and applied.

PhD Program in Mathematics


Universidad de Cádiz
Universidad de Granada
Universidad de Jaén
Universidad de Málaga