PhD Program in Computer Science

Computer Science and Engineering is a determining element or economic advancement and the improvement of productivity and competitiveness in modern economies.

The Computer Science PhD Program aims to train future researchers qualified in the field of Computer Science, allowing the establishment of a vehicle for the dissemination of knowledge generated by the research groups participating in it.

The set of research lines proposed in the Doctorate in Computing takes into account the socioeconomic environment of our region, so that the effort of training high-level professionals can have a favorable impact on economic development.

Thus, the different specialties that we can consider integrated in the Computing area, have demonstrated their great applicability to the field of opportunities in our province, serving to support the agricultural service industry, the energy production sector, the rock, sand and gravel industry and others. ICT and new production technologies, frameworks in which industrial computing is included today, and in the future, are going to be in great demand, as indicated by the reports from Infoempleo, 2010 Horizon and numerous prestigious publications.

PhD Program in Computer Science



Career Opportunities

The PhD in Computer Science at the University of Almeria covers a wide range of computer and automatic techniques that meet these needs and are adapted to this context. In this field, continuing studies through this doctorate becomes a possibility where, on the one hand, the student's field of knowledge is extended beyond the notions leading to the engineering degree itself, combining it with close contact with the most recent advances in the scientific-technical field.

The growing development and use of new information and communication technologies and production technologies in society justifies the proposal of such a programme, which makes it possible to provide highly up-to-date training for specialists in this field. Likewise, and given the level of this training cycle, this Doctorate is designed to achieve mastery of skills and research methods related to advanced and industrial computing.

The field of applicability is directed to the provincial socioeconomic environment, but without forgetting the globalizing characteristic that all current training must have, which confers on this training a contributive character that expands the frontiers of knowledge through research.

In short, it is essential to ensure that future doctors enter society with an education:

  • To enable them to develop and apply new technologies in an advanced way;
  • That they are capable of analyzing, criticizing and evaluating ideas, being at the same time creators of new ones with an innovative character that have economic applicability;
  • They should be experts in communication with companies, professionals and clients, with the ability to communicate new ideas;
  • People who are comfortable with technology, but who are also able to understand the needs of others and offer guidance and advice.

The PhD program in Computer Science aims to achieve these objectives while at the same time providing a high degree of specialization that allows the doctor to apply research techniques in the lines of the program itself.

  • The degree of Doctorate in Computer Science has an important strategic character in the province of Almeria, as it aims to provide an innovative response to the needs identified in three basic pillars of the economy of Almeria, such as solar energy, intensive agriculture and the exploitation of natural and artificial stone, as well as other sectors of the auxiliary industry.
  • The participating professors have collaborated on projects and research contracts with different entities and companies in the sector, several of which support the development of the degree, such as the Cajamar Foundation through the 'Las Palmerillas' Experimental Station and the Plataforma Solar de Almería, among others. It is important to note that there are currently several Research Centres at the University of Almeria, such as CIESOL (Solar Energy Research Centre), BITAL (Research Centre for Agrifood Biotechnology) which is part of the Campus of International Agrifood Excellence (Ceia3), CAESCG (Andalusian Centre for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Global Change), Renewable Energy Center, PITA's Scientific and Technological Center, which demands researchers with a multidisciplinary profile that includes some of the computer techniques developed in several research lines included in this doctorate, such as Image Processing, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence.