PhD Programme in Functional Analysis in Clinical and Health Contexts (in extinction)

The antecedents of the PhD Program in Functional Analysis in Clinical and Health Contexts connect with previous Doctorate experience at the University of Almería and date back to the academic years 1995/96, 1996/97, 1997/98 and 1998/99, in which a PhD Program of a similar name obtained the quality mention in the first call of 1995/96 (being the only PhD Program in psychology that obtained it) and was renewed in the following call, so that for four years this was taught as a quality program with public funding (1995 in the first call and 1996 in the second).

Over the last three years it has attracted students from numerous Spanish and foreign universities and is internationally recognized as a quality reference in functional analysis training, so that other universities have launched similar programs with the core of professors who make up the same (such as in the case of the University of Huelva and the University of San Jorge).

Therefore, the University of Almería has extensive previous teaching experience in the academic-research field of the proposed degree, confirmed by the large number of theses read, projects achieved and the high scientific productivity of the faculty and numerous graduates from this program.

The research lines offered are the same as those available since the PhD Program achieved its quality mention, and from which it has transformed. From a scientific point of view, the research lines of the Postgraduate Program are made up, for the most part, of researchers who have extensive experience and scientific relevance.

Análisis Funcional en Contextos Clínicos y de la Salud


Universitat Rovira i Virgili