Supervised research

The PhD is a training period supervised by professional researchers. Supervision is articulated through two figures: the research supervisor (director) and that of academic supervisor (tutor).

In most cases (when the director belongs to the UAL), the figures of director and tutor coincide in the same person.

Annually the PhD student is evaluated, both in research and academic aspects. A positive evaluation is necessary to follow the PhD training in next academic year.

Director (Research Supervisor)

He is the person in charge of the student research supervision: research project, strategy, planning and temporal programming. He is also responsible for designing an innovative research lading to a quality scientific production that must materialize in terms of relevant publications and patents.

Tutor (Academic Supervisor)

The tutor supervises the PhD student additional education, materialized in term of the Training Activities organized by the International PhD School. These activities can be of a general a nature, common to all PhD students in any discipline (use of bibliography and tools, planning techniques, writing of scientific papers, foreign languages ​​...), or specific to each doctoral program.


The annual evaluation of the doctoral student is carried out by the Program Academic Committee. The Committee is a set of researchers who cover all the research fields in the program.

They will examine the progress of the research and the training activities carried out during the academic year. Separate reports issued by the director and the tutor will be taken into account for the student evaluation.

Students who pass the evaluation may continue their training in the following academic year. Those who do not get a positive evaluation will have 6 extra months to resubmit for a new evaluation. A second negative evaluation means that the student should leave their doctoral studies, as established by the national regulations. During the period of these 6 extra months, the students will be provisionally considered PhD students.