Curricular internships


These are the training activities that will allow students to apply the knowledge acquired in their academic training, preparing them to carry out professional activities and facilitating their incorporation into the labour market.

The possibility of introducing internship in the degrees reinforces the University’s commitment to the future graduates’ employability, enriching Bachelor's degree student training in an environment that will provide them (and those responsible for their training) with a deeper understanding of the competencies they will need in the future. (Royal Decree 822/2021, of 28 September).

Aware of the importance of internships as part of the students’ professional development, the University of Almeria has included them in all the Bachelor's degrees so that all students can experience them.

Bachelor's Degree in Social Education (Curriculum 2011)

Internships are established through agreements with Official Agencies and collaborating companies so that students can acquire and develop the competencies described in the degree and bring them closer to a working environment. They will be overseen by a tutor who belongs to the agency or company. 

The possibility of expressly including internships in the Curricula is set out in Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, which regulates official university education.

As an exception, when professional experience is accredited through a work contract or prior professional internships (internships managed by the University of Almeria or other Universities) that provide all the competencies and knowledge associated with the Work Placement subject, recognition of the corresponding credits for this subject may be authorised with the Pass mark (pass/fail basis). All within the legal limit imposed by art. 6.3 of RD 1393/2007, which establishes that a maximum of 15% of the total number of ECTS degree credits can be recognized based on professional or work experience (15% out of 240 ECTS ≤ 36 ECTS).

In this case, the subject will not be counted when calculating the average grade of the personal academic record.


Curricular internships Coordinator(s)

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Curricular internships Coordinator(s)

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Lázaro, Marie-Noëlle
Telephone: +34 950 21 44 09

The Curriculum may include special prerequisites for enrolling in or justifying the internships.

See 'Curriculum > Prerequisites and Corequisites'.

Management process


Insurance information for students under 28 years of age, over 28 years of age, and mobility students.

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Sexual Offences Certificate to work with minors

All Bachelor's Degree students doing their Curricular internships in centres where there is contact with minors must submit this certificate to the centre involved.

If you DID NOT AUTHORIZE the University of Almeria to send your certificate to the appropriate centre when you enrolled, you must provide it.

You can obtain this certificate from the Ministry of Justice's e-administration platform.

Access to the procedure at the Ministry of Justice