UAL Cloud
Un conjunto de herramientas de comunicación y colaboración de Google, específico para entornos de educación (G Suite for Education) y personalizado para la Universidad de Almería.

UAL Cloud

The UAL, in partnership with Google, provides members of the university community with access to the catalogue of key applications, including:


Gmail: Email and contacts.

Google Drive

Google Drive: Collaborative storage and file editing in the cloud.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar: Online diary and calendar. 

Google Hangouts

Hangouts: Messaging, calls and videoconferencing for up to fifteen participants. 

UAL Cloud

The other applications, although less well-known, also have an enormous potential for productivity and teamwork.

Applications UAL Cloud

Enhancements contributed by G Suite

Access to applications from any device connected to the Internet. 
Ease and versatility working in the cloud as if you were on your computer.
Teamwork with ideal tools for communication.
Unlimited space to store everything you need in the cloud. 

Personal account request

If you still don't have a personal email account at the UAL, you can create one by entering the Virtual Campus, clicking on the "General" tab, then the "My details" menu and "Sign up for the UAL Cloud service". 

Campus Virtual

Institutional email request

Institutional email request

If the account you want to request is an institutional email account, you must go to the applications section and fill out the form "Account request for web services, WUAL domain, email". (Only for ASP/RTS).

Technical support

For incidents related to access (problems with the username/password) or configuration of your UAL Cloud account on your computer or mobile device, please contact the ICTS Help Centre:

  • Via the website
  • By phone 950 015 999.
  • By going in person to the computer rooms (1st floor of the CITE-III building) or to the library computer room (1st floor).

For other issues related to the use of applications, check out the Google support page.

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