UAL Cloud
Un conjunto de herramientas de comunicación y colaboración de Google, específico para entornos de educación (G Suite for Education) y personalizado para la Universidad de Almería.

Acceptable Use Policy

Objective and definition of terms

UAL Cloud is a set of communication and collaboration tools from Google, specifically designed for educational institutions (G Suite for Education) and customised for the University of Almería (UAL).

Thanks to the agreement signed by the University of Almería with Google, the UAL will provide its Administration and Services Personnel (ASP), its Research Teaching Staff (RTS) and its students with access to all services from the following catalogue of applications (included in the agreement): Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Mobile, Google Classroom, Google Groups, Google websites and unlimited storage.

There's also another group of complementary applications (NOT included in the agreement) that are subject to specific terms and conditions of use. As a result, Google may modify these terms and conditions outside the agreement, according to its specific acceptable use policies for these services. For the moment, these complementary applications are: Google+, synchronisation/access to Chrome Web Store, Chrome Admin, location history, YouTube, Blogger, Google Analytics, Google Vault, AdWords, etc.

General terms and conditions of use

The use of UAL Cloud is subject to acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions of use established by Google for each of its services and applications.

Google may modify these terms and conditions of use under the agreement signed with the University of Almería, thereby adding, changing or interrupting access to services or applications. 

The validity of the agreement between Google and the University of Almería for these services is unlimited, unless either of the parties chooses not to renew it.

The user, by accepting these terms and conditions of use, accepts that their data will be stored in Google servers that are not administered by the University of Almería. In some cases, these servers may be in other countries. However, as determined by Google's security certification (Safe Harbor), the company complies with the Safe Harbor Framework between the United States and the European Union.

User authentication will be performed with the same credentials as used at the University of Almería. When you change your Virtual Campus password, it will be refreshed in G Suite so you can access its services.

The user must use UAL Cloud in accordance with the functions established for the University of Almería in its by-laws (public education service providing teaching, research and study options) and with the specific activity that the user performs in their connection with the UAL.

The following uses are explicitly prohibited:

  • Sales, advertising or similar uses
  • Attempts against legality, honour or personal privacy
  • Failure to comply with regulations on protection of personal data, processing and transfer to third parties involving the exchange or publication of content covered by copyright or intellectual property, without the explicit authorisation of the owner
  • Misuse of the services, e.g. abusive use of email (mass mailings, etc.)
  • Discredit to the reputation of the University of Almería 

The user is responsible for all activities and content published in the services associated with the UAL Cloud account. 
The user is also responsible for making backup copies of their personal information: messages, documents, contacts, etc. The University of Almería is not responsible for losing personal information or filing complaints to Google about access to said data in the event of termination of the agreement or service outage, whether they're key or complementary services.

The university's Information Technology and Communications Service (ITCS) doesn't have access to sent email and/or received email records, so it's not possible to confirm sent or received messages, nor the correct functioning of the services.

The University of Almería will only address incidents related to problems with access to the key services (included in the agreement).

For any question related to the use of the applications, the user should go to the Google support page.

If the user is seen to commit any anomalies or infractions that affect the proper functioning of the systems, the service will be cancelled for preventive reasons.

Failure to comply with this rule will be brought to the attention of the management, who will take the appropriate sanctioning measures.

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