Wireless network (wifi)
La Universidad de Almería pone a tu disposición una red inalámbrica con cobertura en todo el Campus que te permitirá estar siempre conectado y facilitará tu trabajo o estudios.

Use Policy

1.- The wireless network of the University of Almeria works on the unlicensed frequency bands 2.400-2.483 GHz and 5.725-5.850 GHz. The University of Almeria manages these frequency bands at its facilities and, in order to avoid interference with its wireless network, explicitly prohibits the installation of any wireless access point which operates on the above frequency bands without prior authorisation from the Information and Communications Technology Service.

2.- The wireless network is part of the data network of the University of Almeria and, as such, its use thereof must be consistent with the purposes and the good name of the institution.

3.- Connection to the wireless network is accessed using a pre-authorised username and password. All connections are recorded.

4.- Depending on the type of user (student, staff or guest), the user is assigned certain access rights:

Students: UAL students may access all the resources that UAL provides, such as Virtual Campus, library databases, email, website, etc. They may also go online to browse the Internet, access non-UAL email accounts, and use other services such as FTP or SSH. They may not connect to UAL internal servers (e.g. of associations or departments) unless the administrator of said server requests this from the Information and Communications Technology Service.

Personal Pas PDI

Staff: UAL service and administration staff, academics and researchers have the same internet access as they have from their computer using a regular wired network connection.


Guests: Guest lecturers, conference attendees, etc may browse the internet and access UAL's public web servers.

5.- The user agrees to use the provided wireless network in compliance with UAL's security policy. The user is reminded that it is strictly forbidden to use P2P software on the university's network. The network will detect the use of this software and automatically disconnect the device from the internet.