The Learning Agreement

Choosing the subjects to study

All incoming students are required to complete a learning agreement in UMove. The learning agreement is a commitment between the student, his/her home university and the host university, which provides legal certainty for the student by ensuring that the subjects included in that agreement will be recognized as part of the studies undertaken at the home university.

From your UMove documentation you can download a pdf document with your personalized academic offer. This will depend on the area of study for which the agreement has been signed with your university and for which you have been nominated. Your academic coordinator will have received the same document. It is very important that you reach an agreement with your home coordinator on the subjects you will be taking at UAL before introducing them into UMove. Check the course schedule on the web before making your selection to avoid overlap.

Contrato de estudios

The University of Almeria has established a single procedure for all incoming students.

When you have the approval of your home coordinator, you must enter Virtual Campus - Mobility (UMove) - My Place, and press “CONTRACT”. Mark the subjects you wish to take (and which have been agreed in advance with your coordinator) and save. Now click on “Finish and send proposal to the Coordinator”.

Please note that you have a maximum and minimum limit of credits to take depending on your stay. The maximum number of credits for an year-long stay is 66 ECTS credits and the minimum is 24 ECTS credits. For a four-month stay, you can take a maximum of 36 ECTS credits and a minimum of 18 ECTS credits.

You will receive a notification from your coordinator at the University of Almeria in which he/she might suggest a change or simply accept your proposal. If you are proposing a change, check with your home coordinator before doing so.

The Learning Agreement

Please do not email the learning agreement document directly to the office or to your coordinator for signing. All documents have to be uploaded to UMove and signed via this platform. The procedure is as follows:


Your Learning Agreement is generated either in UMove or via the model from your home university:
Once the learning agreement has been accepted by your UAL coordinator, UMove will generate a document to be signed. You can use this document or the one provided by your university, whichever is your choice. Make sure that the agreement contains the same subjects previously selected in UMove and authorized by the coordinators. Otherwise, the agreement will be invalid.

You must upload the agreement signed by you and your home coordinator to UMove. If everything is correct, after a few days you will receive a notification and then you will be able to download the learning agreement document signed also by your coordinator at the University of Almeria.

You will find the completion dates of the agreement below. You will also receive a reminder.

Important dates

Inclusion of non-academic activities with credit recognition

There is an exception to that described above, namely the possibility of including non-academic activities offered by the University of Almeria, which upon completion, entitle you to have the credits recognised. Some universities recognize them as being part of your studies, such as a language course or a sports course. Please note that these non-academic training credits do not count toward the minimum and maximum limits established in your learning agreement.

If your home coordinator agrees, you can manually include these non-academic activities in the learning agreement document (you will not be able to add them from the UMove platform). To be able to include these types of activities in the learning agreement, you will have to upload your agreement document to Umove. This document must include both the subjects chosen in UMove and the added activities.

Modifications to the learning agreement

Changes to the learning agreement will be made within the prescribed time frame, once the course has started and you have joined UAL. These will be carried out in the same way as for the learning agreement.

Some mobility programmes do not require the student to have a signed learning agreement document. Check out what applies in your case and if it is so, you can skip this step but not the choice of subjects or the self-enrolment.

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