Incoming mobility students

International students who want to study for a period on any of the available exchange programmes at the University of Almería must follow this procedure:


First of all, if you want to come to the University of Almería, your home university has to send us an e-mail with your nomination, including your personal details - mainly your e-mail so that we can contact you, your field of study and the period of stay. If you do not receive a response from us, you must contact your university to make sure that your nomination was sent.

Given the importance of the nomination procedure, you must make sure that your university has sent it. If you find there is any problem, your university must let us know.



Once we have received your nomination from your university, we will contact you via e-mail and send you a link to register yourself. You must introduce your e-mail to access the form. After doing so, you will receive your Virtual Campus username and password; these credentials will enable you to access all the university resources during your stay. Therefore, we recommend that you note them down carefully.

You will also receive instructions in the same e-mail on how to fill in the new form. Please follow the instructions and complete the form as soon as possible including all the information we ask for. Pay particular attention to your personal details and check them carefully - mainly your name, surname and passport or identity number - because from that point on, these will be used to identify you so it is essential that they are correct.

Deadlines for registration:

  • For first semester or full-year students: before 30th June.
  • For second semester students: before 30th November.
Estudiantes entrantes en movilidad


Once your registration has been completed, you will soon receive an e-mail that will inform you how to sign the document in your UMove profile. To enter, log in to Virtual Campus with your credentials through the Mobility section, and there you will find your Letter of Acceptance in the documentation section. Congratulations! You are now a student at the University of Almería!

Please, pay attention to the instructions you receive and follow them carefully. It is essential that you meet the deadlines.