How to open a bank account

If you are a KA107 or KA171 student, you are obliged to open a Spanish bank account since the UAL does not make international transfers. That's why we recommend you start to organise this from your home country, before your arrival. This speeds up the payment process.

The procedures are the same for all students who need to open a Spanish bank account whether they have a scholarship or not.

The University of Almeria has an agreement with Cajamar Bank, which has a branch on campus where you can open a bank account at no cost to you. But you can choose any bank of your choice as long as it is Spanish. 

To speed up the opening of an account at Cajamar, you must follow the steps below:
1.- Send an email to with the subject: New bank account - University of Almeria.
2.- Send them your personal data: Name, telephone, address in Almeria (if you don't know your address in Almeria yet, you can put the Residence Civitas and when you do know it, you can change it).

Documents to attach to the email: 
1.- Passport with visa. 
2.- TIN - "Tax Identification Number" issued by the country of tax residence. In the case that there is no TIN in your country, you must inform Cajamar in your email.

Learn more about TIN

3.- The UAL registration form or letter of acceptance.
     Remember that on arrival you must go to the bank with the original documents.

More Information

If you choose another bank, contact them and ask for the information directly.