2023 Summer School Tuition Fees

Shared double room

Shared double room
Course duration Standard payment Early Bird*
1 week 700€ 600€
2 weeks 1,000€ 850€
3 weeks 1,500€ 1,300€
4 weeks 2,000€ 1,800€

*Until March 31

Single room (subject to availability)

Single room
Course duration Standard payment Early Bird*
1 week 850€ 750€
2 weeks 1,100€ 950€
3 weeks 1,650€ 1,550€
4 weeks 2,200€ 2,100€

*Until March 31

What is it included?

In addition to the tuition fees of the course of your choice, these prices include accommodation, meals, company visits, academic activities, insurance, free access to UAL sport facilities (swimming pool, sport fields...) transportation card, cultural activities, free access to university facilities, guided visits to tourist places, opening ceremony, official transcript of records, closing ceremony, and so on!

Any questions?

Send us an email to sabroad@ual.es and we will come back to you as soon as possible!

Cancellation Policy

The Study Abroad Selection and Monitoring Committee reserves the right to cancel any of the activities either the minimum number of students registered is not reached, or circumstances beyond the control of the organization do not allow the delivery of the courses. In both cases, the amount paid will be refunded.

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