Study Abroad Tailor Made Courses

Study Abroad Tailor Made Courses

What is it?

What is it?

Study Abroad Tailor Made courses are academic programmes exclusively designed for you by the Vicerectorate for Internationalization at UAL.

Making the most

Making the most

At UAL we adapt to each institutions' needs so we can offer you an attractive package, including a dynamic training and academic programme.

Why Almería?

Why Almería?

Because it has a lot to offer, such as cutting-edge researches, renowned experts, historical and cultural heritage, a strong business network, natural parks, and much more!

Why choose our Tailor Made courses?

Quality training

Students will learn from world-class faculty


They will enjoy the beach and the desert, as Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park and Tabernas Desert are two of our natural treasures

Future opportunities

Students will expand their networks, enjoy from a quality training experience abroad, boost their CV, etc.

Communication and guidance

The Study Abroad will be in constant communication, guiding you and your students along the entire process

Climate and location

They will enjoy our sunny Mediterranean weather while being within 200km from Málaga or Granada

Friends and culture

Students will make new friends, discover tapas, enjoy the beach, visit the region, and much more!

How to Get a Tailor Made Course

How to get a Tailor Made course Estudiante visitando invernadero
  1. Contact usSend us an email to
  2. DatesTell us the estimated dates for the programme.
  3. TopicsLet us know the topics you are interested in for the course.
  4. SpotsTell us the approximate number of students that will be joining.
  5. Extra servicesPlease indicate if there are any extra services you would like to include: accommodation, transport, etc.
  6. BudgetLet us know the estimated budget from your institution for this tailor made course.
  7. SupportAnd please, ask us any questions you may have! It will be a pleasure to assist you.
  8. Wait for your Tailor Made course proposal!Once we receive all this information, we will get back to you with a tailor made course proposal exclusively designed for you, together with an estimated budget.

Some Partner Universities

More than a dozen of international universities rely on us for their Tailor Made programmes in areas such as Biotechnology, Agribusiness, Culture and History, Engineering, and Horticulture, among others.

American University Sup'Biotech Tecnológico de Monterrey Lenoir Rhyne DHBW Uhasselt ESCE ITESO Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara UAEU

About UAL

The University of Almeria is a young university committed to society, innovation, internationalization and quality teaching. It is ranked among the top 200-400 in the Shanghai Ranking in the fields of Technology, Food Science, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Nursing.

Involved in more than 20 European projects, it has an excellent scientific output. In addition, since 2022, together with seven other European universities, UAL forms UNIGreen, The Green European University, which aims for excellence in teaching, and research and innovation in Biotechnology, sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

About UAL
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