The aim of the Master's in Agricultural Engineering is primarily to train students in the advanced scientific, technological and socio-economic aspects of Agricultural Engineering while preparing them to work professionally.

To prepare versatile professionals who can carry out their activities in a broad sense, being easily able to adapt to different working environments.

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The degree is directed preferably at graduates in Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Technical Engineers, who wish to increase their knowledge and practice the profession of Agricultural Engineer, working freelance or as an employee in the public or private sectors.

It is recommended that students are able to read scientific and professional texts in English with ease, and to understand audio-visual material in English.

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Objectives and Competencies

Objectives and Competencies

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Professional and Academic opportunities

Upon completing these studies, graduates will have the academic and employment opportunities listed below:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

At the end of the Master's in Agricultural Engineering, the student may access the doctoral studies programmes that are recognised by current regulations.

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Professional opportunities

Master’s in Agricultural Engineering graduates will be highly-valued professionals in the modern agricultural and agrifood companies, and also for the entire area in which these companies operate. This is because their interdisciplinary university training offers business the knowledge and techniques required to respond to new social demands.

Thus, this Curriculum seeks to train professionals who work together, and who have acquired the knowledge and skills to guarantee the sustainability and competitiveness of agricultural enterprises and the agrifood industry.

Professional Orientation - University of Almeria

Professional opportunities

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The UAL Master's in Agricultural Engineering complies with the rules governing professional practice linked to the degree.



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