Structure and distribution of credits


Distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of subject matters

Distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of subject matters
Course Basic Mandatory Optatives Curricular internships End of Studies Dissertation Total
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Structure of the Degree


Time planning chart of the Modules:

  • The module 1, Basic Training includes basic and common contents for all the degrees of the Business branch, and it is taught during the first and second year of the Bachelor's Degree.
  • The modules 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 include different subjects related with specific issues of the Bchelor's Degree in Tourism, which are distributed throughout the second, third and fourth years.
  • The module 6 related with languages has certain specificity: Students must compulsorily take two of the three languages (English is compulsory) offered by the University of Almeria (48 ECTS). The option selected in the first year must be kept in the following years. However, students who want to be enrolled in two of the languages offered in any of the years, may be enrolled and the excess of credits will be considered as elective credits up to completing a total of 12 credits, which are required in the curriculum.
  • Within module 9 of Professional Prospects, students must compulsorily carry out a bachelor's dissertation which means 6 ECTS. Additionally, students must take internships equal to 18 ECTS, which is planned for the second semester of the fourth year and is compulsory for students of this Bachelor's Degree. Furthermore, the Business Creation subject is also compulsory and has 6 credits.
  • The module 10 includes the elective nature of the degree, as an alternative for the recognition established in article 12.8 of the Royal Decree 1393/2007. It is taught during the fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree.


Modern Languages
The module of each language comprises three subjects:
  • Modern Language (6 ects),
  • Modern Language applied to Tourist Sector (9 ects) and
  • Further Modern Language applied to Tourist Sector (9 ects).

As two languages have to be taken, the 48 credits required are completed.


Elective 4th year
Elective Subjects
In 4th year, students must take 12 elective credits (*) to be chosen among the following elective subjects:
  • Analysis and Interpretation of the Financial Information in the Tourist
    Business (6 ects).
  • Tourist Events Management (6 ects).
  • Cultural Heritage Management (6 ects).
  • Social Psychology in Tourism (6 ects).
  • Sociology of leisure and tourism (6 ects).
(*) 6 credits may be taken with recognition.


Information of interest

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