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ATTENTION: Remarks on languages.

Students will be required to study two of the three languages (English is compulsory) offered by the University of Almeria (48 ECTS). The option selected in the first academic year must be retained in the following ones. However, a student who wishes to enrol in the two second languages offered in any of the academic years may do so by counting this surplus as an option to cover the total of the 12 credits required by the curriculum.

See the 'Curriculum' section for more information.

The Bachelor's Degree in Tourism aims to provide graduates with a complete training for accessing a wide range of professional profiles within the areas related to the world of Tourism, such as being managers of tourism companies, public destination planners and managers, technical consultants on tourist products and activities, tourism consultants, teachers and assistants in tourism activities, as well as any other business sector that can be of transversal interest in the multidisciplinary preparation of a Tourism degree graduate.

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Suggested profile for newly enrolled students

Although the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism does not require specific prior knowledge, due to its multidisciplinary nature, it is recommended that students have interest and skills in language learning, teamwork and public relations.

It is also advisable to have leadership and management ability, social and labour communication skills, commercial skills, initiative and entrepreneurship, international vision, a certain sensitivity toward cultural diversity, with regard to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, as well as the capacity for adaptation and innovation to face the continuous changes that occur in the tourism sector.

In addition, it may be appropriate to have certain competencies and skills for managing the different areas of the tourism sector although these are not obligatory since they are developed throughout the Bachelor's Degree programme.

The newly-enrolled students should have an interest and curiosity in understanding the world of tourism and it is desirable that they have a critical, committed and responsible attitude towards society and the different cultures that they will be interacting with.

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Objectives and Competencies

Objectives and Competencies

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Professional and Academic opportunities

Upon completing these studies, graduates will have the academic and employment opportunities listed below:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

The graduate in Tourism may take one of the postgraduate studies offered by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences: The Official Master’s in Business Management and Economics, the Official Inter-University Master’s in Corporate Accounting and Finance, the Official Master’s in International Business Management and Languages, the Master's in Account Auditing, the Official Master's in Sustainable Local Development and Co-development.

In addition, they will be able to access other official and non-official masters offered by the University of Almeria.

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Professional opportunities

The Bachelor's Degree in TOURISM offers its graduates a wide range of work possibilities:

  • Working in the private sector within any of the tourism company areas (accommodation, catering, brokering and transport).
  • Working within a public institution as management or planning experts, responsible for tourism development programs, tourism development agents, directors or experts of product-boosting institutions.
  • Working in the tourism consultancy sector.
  • To pursue teaching (both in secondary education and at the University).
  • To pursue research.

Professional opportunities


  • Validation report of the "Undergraduate Degree in Tourism (Curriculum 2010)".Latest validation report: 19 January 2016.
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