Structure and distribution of credits


Distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of subject matters

Distribution of the curriculum in ECTS credits by type of subject matters
Course Basic Mandatory Optatives Curricular internships End of Studies Dissertation Total
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Structure of the Degree

The Bachelor's Degree in Law by the University of Almeria offers a total number of 264 ECTS, and students must take 240 ECTS. Each ECTS credit corresponds with 25 hours of study work by the student, therefore, a full academic year is worth 1500 hours (25 hours x 60 ECTS credits). The course programming and its coordination into years tries guaranteeing that these hours are distributed uniformly throughout the 40 weeks/annual of the teaching period comprised in the academic calendar.

  • Module 1, BASIC LEGAL SCIENCES: 24 credits. 1st Semester.
  • Module 2, CIVIL LAW: 27 credits. 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th Semesters.
  • Module 3, ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS: 6 credits. 1st Semester.
  • Module 4, CONSTITUTIONAL AND EUROPEAN UNION LAW AND FREEDOMS: 30 credits. 2nd, 3rd and 5th Semesters.
  • Module 5, ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: 18 credits. 3rd and 6th Semesters.
  • Module 6, CRIMINAL LAW: 18 credits. 2nd, 4th and 5th Semesters.
  • Module 7, PROCEDURAL LAW: 18 credits. 4th, 6th and 7th Semesters.
  • Module 8, COMPANY LAW: 30 credits. 4th, 6th and 7th Semesters.
  • Module 9, INTERNATIONAL LAW: 21 credits. 2nd and 7th Semesters.
  • Module 10, FINANCIAL LAW: 18 credits. 4th and 5th Semesters.
  • Module 11, INTERNSHIPS AND BACHELOR'S DISSERTATION: 24 credits. 8th Semester.
  • Module 12, ELECTIVE: 6 credits. 8th Semester.


Compulsory 4th year
Compulsory Subjects
4th year students must take one of the four compulsory subjects of the practice-oriented complementary legal training module:
  • Private legal practice pathway,
  • Public legal practice pathway,
  • Administration and Civil Service Practice pathway, or
  • Work placement pathway.
Taking into account that:
-These are excluding, therefore, only one of these can be taken.
-It is an essential Requirement that students must have successfully completed 162 credits to pass the chosen subject (THIS REQUIREMENT DOES NOT PREVENT FROM ENROLING IN THE SUBJECT)


Elective 4th year
Elective Subjects
4th year students must take 6 elective credits, they can choose one of the two optional subjects offered:
  • Democracy, citizenship and globalisation, or
  • Human rights.

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