The Bachelor's Degree in Law provides the student with a comprehensive, general and overtly practical training so that the graduates are as prepared as possible to access any of the many employment opportunities that the legal world offers, or to continue their training by doing specialized postgraduate studies.

The acquisition of sound theoretical and practical legal knowledge, acquiring the wide-ranging and effective skills that allow the student to develop professional and instrumental competencies, as well as a firm commitment to obtaining real practical legal experience, are among the main features identifying this Bachelor's Degree and its underlying quality.

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Suggested profile for newly enrolled students

Specific prior knowledge is not necessary although it is convenient to have done upper secondary studies in the social sciences and legal branch. Despite this, Law is an open degree to students who have come from the different upper secondary education branches.
Some desirable qualities for being a law student include:

  1. Interest in acquiring a sound legal training.
  2. Having the habit of reading.
  3. Interest in topics related in some way to the Law, such as economics, philosophy, history, literature, politics, etc.
  4. Having good speaking and writing skills.
  5. Possessing the ability to resolve conflict situations and make decisions.
  6. Being constant and responsible when working alone or in a team.
  7. The ability to concentrate and pay attention.
  8. Having a good level in a second language is also recommendable.

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Objectives and Competencies

Objectives and Competencies

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Professional and Academic opportunities

Upon completing these studies, graduates will have the academic and employment opportunities listed below:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Apart from being linked to the other Bachelor's Degrees offered by the Faculty of Law that have a substantial legal content (in Public Administration and Management or in Labour Relations and Human Resources), The Bachelor's Degree in Law will provide access to the Master's, which qualifies one to practise Law professionally and the Office of the Prosecutor, in accordance with national regulations. Graduates will also be able to complete their training in the official UAL masters, especially:

  • The Master's in Business Law and Agrifood Industry.
  • The Master’s in Law and Local Administration.

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Professional opportunities

Lawyer, Prosecutor, Notary, Registrar (Property, Commercial, etc.); Judge, Attorney, Legal Secretary, Higher level Civil Servant (State Attorney, General Administrator, Senior Expert, Inspector and Lawyer in the various Public Bodies, etc.), Official in International Organizations, Employee in private enterprise (Banking, Advice and Consultancy in Large Enterprises and SMEs), Employee in associations and non-public organizations such as trade unions, and NGOs, etc.

Professional opportunities

Professional qualification

The employment opportunities that the Bachelor's Degree in Law leads to are extremely varied; for these, very diverse regulations exist for accessing and practising said professions, which may require one to participate in competitive examinations, qualifying PhDs, or specific requirements to enrol in the professional Colleges.


  • Report of the "Bachelor's Degree in Law (Curriculum 2010)"Current report (latest version): 21 November 2016.
  • Validation report of the "Bachelor's Degree in Law (Curriculum 2010)"Latest validation report: 04 April 2016.
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