Information and Communication Technologies Area (ATIC)
El Servicio de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicaciones instala y mantiene los ordenadores del personal de la UAL, y proporciona equipos de préstamos a los estudiantes

Informática de PC

The installation and configuration of the personal computers owned by the University, as well as the repair and expansion or replacement of hardware, are carried out. The repair of peripherals and printers may be contracted from third parties if they cannot be performed by the STIC

Only software and tools licensed by the University must be used. Only equipment owned by the UAL, that is, that are in the inventory, will be serviced. The official rate for technical assistance is € 20 per hour of work, with the minimum amount being half an hour (€ 10).

The cost of the parts to be replaced will be borne by the Department, Research Group, Service or Administrative Unit requesting assistance, and the total amount will be charged to the corresponding cost centre.


Antiviruses, device freezing, personal data protection, and everything you need to safely use your PC


Make the most of your equipment thanks to the free software we provide you as a member of the university community


Connecting your computer to the wired network and the wireless network (Wi-Fi) of the University of Almeria

Do you need a computer?

If you don't have a PC, don't worry, we can lend one to you. Laptop loans: At the library we can lend you a laptop connected to the WiFi and with all the software in the computer rooms.

Computer rooms with free access:
You can also book a computer in the free access classrooms in the library. If you're a faculty or staff member, you can use a computer from the User Support Office (ground floor of CITIC building)

Help and Support

For any clarification or assistance, you can contact the STIC User Service Centre: Preferably via the web We will attend to you in person at the CAU facilities, in the CITIC Building. Telephone: 950 015999 (85999)