Information and Communication Technologies Area (ATIC)
Te conectamos a la red de comunicaciones de alta velocidad de la UAL y a Internet

Conexión de equipos de PAS y PDI a la Red de Datos

To facilitate access to the Internet as well as the ICT services that UAL provides to the university community, your computer must be connected to the network. To do this, the STIC provides you with the option to connect to the wired Data Network, which is provided through a network socket as well as an IP address, which is not transferable from one device to another.

To physically connect to the Data Network you need:

·         A free network point or socket in the vicinity of your PC. Ideally, there should be not be a distance greater than 3 metres between the computer and the network point, otherwise you will need to use a special cable. In the event that there is not a network point at your location, you will need for one to be installed. To do this, you must make the corresponding request through the STIC Customer Service Centre (CSC), indicating the location of the new network points as well as the Cost Centre that will pay for it.

·         An IP address. The IP addresses are assigned by the STIC and are non-transferable from one device to another. They cannot be copied or duplicated either. 

If you move your computer from one office to another, you must notify the STIC to correctly assign your device's IP address.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Sometimes, due to security or licensing issues, certain ICT services are only accessible from the actual UAL. In order to access them from any other part of the world (e.g. from home) you will need to use the VPN or Virtual Private Network service. The VPN service allows you to convert any Internet point into an extension of the University network, reproducing the access privileges to the resources you have in your office or laboratory. By using this service you could, for example, use the office printer from home or access a file on your computer from another university, as well as access all bibliographic repositories of the UAL Library.

The VPN service is available to any UAL user, including students. Depending on your profile (student or staff) you will have different access rights. To access the service you do not have to request anything, connect to and follow the instructions. Of course, if you have a problem, you can contact the STIC Customer Service Centre

To ensure the confidentiality of communications, the VPN service also has an encryption mechanism that prevents information from being intercepted while it travels on the Internet.

Additional Services

DNS service

The STIC is the Administrator of the Internet domain, and as such will facilitate registration in the DNS Service of the devices you want to offer some type of service through the Internet ( Similarly, the STIC will facilitate the creation of specific subdomains such as “”.

Contact the STIC Customer Service Centre to register a name or domain, or if you have any questions.

Connection Departmental Servers

This service allows Research Departments or Groups to have their own servers accessible through the Internet that offer some type of service related to their teaching or research work.

To do this, those responsible for these servers must request, through the STIC Customer Service Centre (CSC), the opening of the ports associated with the services offered through said servers, attaching to the application form for said request signed by the Head of the Department or Research Group.

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