If you have any academic question, you must contact your Academic Coordinator by the e-mail we have provided you or in his/her tutoring hours.

If you have any administrative doubt or problem regarding your study exchange formalities, you can contact us in person or through User Assistance Centre.

In person
We will attend you by appointment in our offices from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.



(User Assistance Centre). Please, contact the User Assistance Centre for any request, problem or doubt. Open a User Assistance Centre for each matter do not open several User Assistance Centres for the same matter. In this way, we can follow a communication thread with the same manager, within the same User Assistance Centre and this allows us to track the problem solution and a higher agility to solve it.

Entry to User Assistance Centre

If you have a Virtual Classroom problem, you must contact by User Assistance Centre and choose “Virtual Classroom (Eva Technical Service)

If you have entry or technical problems you must contact the Information Technology Service (STIC).

Entry to User Assistance Centre of the Information Technology Service