Non EU-students who wish studying in Spain for more than three months must apply for a student visa.

It is not advisable to enter in Spain with a tourist visa or without a visa although your passport permits it, because your mobility period is always longer than the stay period permitted in the two previous cases. You have to obtain a student visa before arriving Spain, because once you are in Spain you cannot apply for a visa.

To obtain a visa, first you must check if your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of ending of your stay, otherwise, renew it.

Mi visado

Once you have your valid passport and the Letter of Acceptance signed by the University of Almería, you can download it from UMove, you must contact the Embassy or Consulate of Spain corresponding to your address and follow its instructions. You must ask the Consulate for all the documents you need to submit and all the formalities you have to make to obtain a student visa.

If you have to open a Spanish bank account make sure that your Foreigner Identity Number appears in your visa. If you do not have a Foreigner Identity Number you cannot open a bank account in Spain.

Keep in mind that, sometimes, these formalities take more than one month to conclude, therefore, as soon as you receive the confirmation from your university, check the valid date of your passport and contact the Consulate or Embassy.

You will not need a student visa if you are going to study less than three months, unless the student comes from a country which usually requires a visa

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