Health and travel insurance

All international students must buy a private insurance before arriving at the University of Almería.


The University of Almería, as most of the Spanish universities, requires students to buy a mandatory insurance that covers some contingencies during the whole mobility period.

Students are free to buy the insurance in the insurance company they deem convenient provided that the following contingencies are covered: 

  • Health care and assistance 
  • Repatriation or medical transportation of injured or ill persons 
  • Repatriation or transportation of the dead policyholder 
  • Accidents  
  • Private civil liability (this coverage is not compulsory for students, but we strongly recommend it). It is compulsory for Erasmus+ internship.

Students belonging to SICUE mobility do not need a private insurance because they are covered by the Spanish public health system.

It is reminded that students of the Degree in Physical Activities and Sport Sciences must state this circumstance with the purpose of covering the curricular sport activities within the insurance.

When you have bought your insurance, you must upload to UMove documents section, a Spanish or English insurance certificate which specifies the above mentioned covered benefits.