Once you have been incorporated in the university, you may modify your learning agreement. We recommend you that, before carrying out the changes, you should attend the lessons to be sure if such lessons are what you expect and if you can follow them or not. Once you are sure, consult your coordinator and request his/her approval.

Take into account that in the modifications:

  • The minimum and maximum limits of credits remain into force.
  • Some subjects are mainly taught during the first weeks. Those subjects will not appear in the offer because you will have lost almost the whole teaching.
  • You will have to reset your schedule with the new subjects.
  • You will have 5 weeks from the date of beginning of the semester to make the changes. These changes shall be done in the same way that you did the initial agreement in UMove. You will also have to upload the document with the changes (the model generated by UMove or by your university) and then to add the new subjects in Self-enrolment.

If you make changes in your learning agreement you must also make those changes in your Self-enrolment.

You will receive an alert in UMove with a personalised period to add the subjects to your Self-enrolment.