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To enrol in this Master's degree at the University of Burgos, you must follow the directions found at the following web address.


The Master's in Law and Local Administration from the University of Almeria and the University of Burgos aims to provide specialised and practical training in the different fields and sectors related to Spanish local Law, having a multidisciplinary and comparative Law approach.

The Master’s is offered entirely on-line, through a unique distance-learning mode. This has the dual objective of fulfilling the commitment posed by new technological challenges -which, in turn, will allow greater ICT training for students- and allow access to students from anywhere in the world.

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Suggested profile for newly enrolled students

The recommended and preferred applicant profile shall be for those students who are graduates in Law, Public Administration and Management, Political Science, Economic and Business Sciences, or an equivalent.

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Objectives and Competencies

Objectives and Competencies

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Professional and Academic opportunities

Upon completing these studies, graduates will have the academic and employment opportunities listed below:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

At the end of the Master's in Law and Local Administration, the student may access doctoral studies programmes that are admitted by the current regulations.

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Professional opportunities

Once the degree has been obtained, the Master’s will make it possible to obtain a specific qualification in the professional field: manager or expert of local organizations, advice and consultancy, public employment access training, promotion and internal career training of public employees, etc.

Professional Orientation - University of Almeria

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Participating Universities and Collaborating Entities

Universidad de Burgos
Universidad de Burgos
Diputación de Almería
Diputación de Almería