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The Master‘s in Sexological Sciences provides training and specialisation in Sexology (sexologists) for all the WHO and PAHO profiles approved in Guatemala in May 2000, in the degrees that give access to it it (Medicine, Nursing and Psychology), including the sexual health education profiles for professionals specialising in reproductive health programmes, STI and HIV prevention and control, sex education, sexology research and clinical sexology; this includes sexual counselling, sexual therapy and sexological treatment, and sexual medicine and surgery, as well as sexual health treatments and care.

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Objectives and Competencies

Objectives and Competencies

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  • Degree Report.Current report (latest version): 08 October 2010.
  • Degree Report.Latest validation report: 12 May 2010.
  • P7.- Material Resources and Services.Availability and Suitability of Material Resources and Services.


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