Degree Tutorings


Bachelor's degree students at the University of Almeria may have a degree tutor to assist and orient them in their learning processes, their transition to the labour world and their academic and professional development.

During the first three weeks of the academic year, students in the first and last year of the bachelor's degree may apply to the Faculty of Experimental Sciences for the allocation of a degree tutor. It will be understood that those students who do not apply for the degree tutor within the deadline established will waive their right to have a degree tutor.

The functions of the degree tutors are included in point 4.3 of the Organizational and Regulatory Rules on the Coordinating Function of the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the University of Almeria.

The Degree Coordinator will be responsible for allocating tutors to students who request it, designating those teachers of the corresponding degree who voluntarily request it, in accordance with the call made for such purpose. According to the same, each teacher will be able to supervise up to a maximum of 20 students.

The duties of the tutor are to call the tutored students at least twice per academic year and to keep a record, which will send to the Faculty, of the calls and meetings held throughout the academic year in group and individual mode. To this end, the centre has created some cards that students and tutors will have to fill in.

Degree tutoring should be tailored to the needs of students with functional diversity.


General UAL regulations concerning degree tutoring