Bachelor's Dissertation


Imagen TFE alternativaThe Bachelor's Dissertation (in Spanish Trabajo Fin de Grado; TFG) involves the student carrying out a project, report, or study, in which they apply and develop their acquired knowledge. This will be carried out individually, under the guidance of the supervisor(s) assigned. Joint work will not be allowed.

Bachelor's dissertations must be carried out in the final stage of the curriculum and be oriented toward the assessment of competencies associated with the degree. The work will conclude with the dissertation defence, which will necessarily be public.

The conditions that need to be met to be assessed (regarding the obligation to have successfully passed the assessments provided for in the other curriculum subjects) must be reflected in the report of the corresponding degree and in the specific applicable regulations.

Bachelor's Dissertation Requirements

The Curriculum may include special conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to enrol in or defend the bachelor's dissertation.

See 'Curriculum > Prerequisites and Corequisites'.





Request for Topic and Tutor: From 10 to 24 October 2022.

Special deadline for requesting Topic and Tutor for those students who have extended enrolment or have not yet chosen their tutor: From 9 to 17 February 2023.

NOVEMBER 2022 Call:
-Submission to the tutor for review: Until 24 October 2022.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Submission: From 1 to 3 November 2022.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Defence: From 15 to 17 November 2022.

JANUARY 2023 Extraordinary Call:
-Submission to the tutor for review: Until 16 January 2023.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Defence: From 23 to 26 January 2023.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Defence: From 14 to 16 February 2023.

MAY 2023 Ordinary Call:
-Submission to the tutor for review: Until 26 May 2023.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Submission: From 8 to 12 June 2023.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Defence: From 28 to 30 June 2023.

JULY 2023 Extraordinary Call:
-Submission to the tutor for review: Until 23 June 2023.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Submission: From 4 to 6 July 2023.
-Bachelor's Dissertation Defence: From 17 to 19 July 2023.

Documents of interest

Documents of interest

Bachelor's Dissertation Topics and Supervisors

Students preparing their Bachelor's Dissertation should apply online for a topic and a supervisor via the Dissertation Management (Gestión de los Trabajos Fin de Estudio) application, stating an order of preference.

This request must be submitted within the time period set by the Degree Committee, which can be found in the "Calendar" section. In addition to the request for a topic and a supervisor, each Teaching Committee may require other documents to be attached to the online application.

These annexed documents will be published in the section on existing Bachelor's Dissertations on the website of each degree programme.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor's Dissertation must request topic and supervisor, in a telematic way, through the application for the Management of the Dissertations/Theses, establishing an order of preference, within the period scheduled from 9 to 23 October 2023.

For students who have enrolled in the Bachelor's Dissertation within the second semester extension period, this period will be from February 8 to 16, 2024.

Topics and Supervisors of the Thesis

Request for Topic and Supervisor

The Request for Topic and Supervisor can be made at the link below. It can also be requested via the Virtual Campus, under the section “Academic Record” – “Dissertation (TFE)”:

Those students who have already been allocated topic and supervisor for being enrolled for second time MUST NOT request topic and supervisor again. These students must check in their Virtual Campus the continuity of topic and supervisor allocated in the previous academic year.

The allocation of the topics to the students for the completion of the Bachelor's Dissertation will be made according to the average grade of each student’s record.

Application for the Topic and Supervisor Procedure


The (topic/supervisor) allocations will be sent by email to the participants of the call. In addition, you can consult them on your Virtual Campus.

Final allocations will be supervised by the Dean's Office of the Faculty.

Dissertation Submission

The Dissertation can be submitted via the link below. It can also be submitted via the Virtual Campus, under the section “Academic Record” – “Dissertation (TFE)”:

For the defence of the Bachelor's Dissertation it is essential to have uploaded the Dissertation on the Virtual Campus platform and that the supervisor has given his approval to it through the aforementioned platform.

The Bachelor's Dissertation supervisor must submit the Bachelor's Dissertation Assessment Report to the aforementioned Platform if they wish to have their Bachelor's Dissertation assessment considered (otherwise the Assessment and Defence Panels will fully assess the Bachelor's Dissertation).

Bachelor's Dissertation Submission Procedure

Assessment and Defence Panels

The Assessment and Defence Panels that must evaluate the submitted dissertations can be consulted via the link below. This information can also be consulted via the Virtual Campus, under the section “Academic Record” – “Dissertation (TFE)”:

According to Art.5.5 of the Regulations for the carrying out of the Bachelor's Dissertations and the Master's Thesis in the official education programmes of the University of Almeria approved by the Governing Council of July 24, 2017, and modified in Governing Council of July 16, 2021, for the evaluation of the Bachelor's Dissertations, the Teaching/Academic Committee of the degree will constitute as many Evaluation Committees as it deems appropriate, composed of three teachers who give lessons in that degree, appointing among them a Chairman and a Secretary. Likewise, a substitute shall also be appointed who will act in the absence of any of the full members of the Evaluation Committee. The composition of these committees shall be communicated to the Service responsible for the management of the Bachelor's Dissertation, which shall make them public.

If the Teaching/Academic Committee of the Bachelor's Degree/Master considers it convenient, external teachers may form part of the Evaluation Committee who must be doctors, in the case of the Research Masters, and/or professionals, who must be holders of a graduate degree or equivalent and must have professional experience in the field of knowledge of the corresponding degree, in the case of Bachelor's Degrees or Masters with professional orientation.

The Teaching/Academic Commission will determine the Evaluation Committee that will assess the Dissertations/Theses submitted, if there are more than one committee.

Thesis Defence Panels

Bachelor's Dissertation Defence Procedure