Curricular internships


These are the training activities that will allow students to apply the knowledge acquired in their academic training, preparing them to carry out professional activities and facilitating their incorporation into the labour market.

The possibility of introducing internship in the degrees reinforces the University’s commitment to the future graduates’ employability, enriching Bachelor's degree student training in an environment that will provide them (and those responsible for their training) with a deeper understanding of the competencies they will need in the future. (Royal Decree 822/2021, of 28 September).

Aware of the importance of internships as part of the students’ professional development, the University of Almeria has included them in all the Bachelor's degrees so that all students can experience them.


Curriculum: Practicum

The Module “School Internships and the Bachelor's Dissertation” consists of the Internships subject, with 44 ECTS, and the Bachelor's Dissertation, with 6 ECTS.
The School Internships subject corresponding to the Bachelor's Degree in Early-Childhood Education allows an integrated set of teaching initiation practices to be developed in the classroom, aimed at training thoughtful teachers, in order to prepare them for exercising their professional teaching activities. This subject matter consists of 3 subjects:

- Practicum I (8 ECTS)
- Practicum II (12 ECTS)
- Practicum III (24 ECTS)


The Practicum is carried out in non-university educational centres in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Order of 22 June 1998, which regulates the curricular internships undertaken by university students from the faculties of Educational Sciences and Psychology in Non-university Teaching Centres –(BOJA No. 88 of 6 August 1998, pp. 9987-9989).

Competencies to be acquired with the Practicum in Primary Education (Order ECI/3857/2007):

- To acquire a practical knowledge of the classroom and its management.
- To know and apply the interaction and communication processes in the classroom, as well as to master the competencies and social skills necessary to promote a climate that facilitates learning and coexistence.
- To control and monitor the educational process and, in particular, that of teaching and learning by mastering the necessary techniques and strategies.
- To relate theory and practice to the reality of the classroom and the school.
- To participate in the teaching activity and to learn how to do it by practice and reflection.
- To participate in proposals for improving the different areas of action that may be established in a school.
- To regulate the interaction and communication processes in groups of students aged 6-12 years.
- To learn ways of collaborating with the different sectors of the educational community and the social environment.


Curricular internships Coordinator(s)

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Curricular internships Coordinator(s)

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The Curriculum may include special prerequisites for enrolling in or justifying the internships.

See 'Curriculum > Prerequisites and Corequisites'.

Management process

Assessment process

Internships will be assessed through the mechanism stipulated in the teaching guide of the subject.


Insurance information for students under 28 years of age, over 28 years of age, and mobility students.

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Sexual Offences Certificate to work with minors

All Bachelor's Degree students doing their Curricular internships in centres where there is contact with minors must submit this certificate to the centre involved.

If you DID NOT AUTHORIZE the University of Almeria to send your certificate to the appropriate centre when you enrolled, you must provide it.

You can obtain this certificate from the Ministry of Justice's e-administration platform.

Access to the procedure at the Ministry of Justice

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