Accreditation of Language Competence (B1)

In order to obtain the degree, all University of Almeria Bachelor’s degree must have accredited knowledge of a foreign language at the B1 level or higher (according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Equally, foreign students must have accredited knowledge of the Spanish language.

How do I obtain my B1 level?

Level B1 accreditation must be gained prior to completing the studies, and may be obtained for any of the following achievements:

  • Having completed a Bachelor's degree that includes sufficient foreign language content for you to be competent at a level equal to or greater than B1, according to that degree’s curriculum.
  • Level exam. Each year, the University of Almeria will announce the tests of the languages that it offers regularly through its Centro de Lenguas (Language Centre).

    Consult all the information on how to obtain your B1 level at: Centro de Lenguas.

  • Studying and passing the language teaching credits when established by the respective Ministerial Order, the Andalusian common 75% agreement or the Curriculum, and that involves reaching a B1 level or higher.