Adaptation of the Curriculum


The following table shows the adaptation of the existing studies of {{oldplan.nom_plan}}  to the new Curriculum of {{nom.dsplan}}

Adaptation table {{oldplan.nom_plan}}
Subjects of {{oldplan.nom_plan}} Subjects of {{nom.dsplan}}

{{ori | ltrim: '\\d+\-'}}

{{des | ltrim: '\\d+\-'}}

Adaptation Procedure

Students of the current Bachelor's Degree of Industrial Technical Engineering in Mechanics (Curriculum 2005), may choose to:

1.) Complete the studies in Industrial Technical Engineering in Mechanics, which will be progressively discontinued, according to the timetable set in the report and the regulations established by the University of Almeria.

2.) Transfer to the new official Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In this case the transfer table on this page will be applied.

3.) The discontinuance of the studies indicated shall be carried out temporarily. Once each year has been discontinued, six exam sittings will be held in the following three academic years.

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