Quality Assurance


The Degree has a Quality Assurance System (QAS), which is a set of tools to ensure its internal quality.

The QAS is implemented by the centre to which it belongs, and its main objective is to continually improve the degrees offered in it. To this end, the Centre’s Quality Committee annually analyses the relevant information, implements actions to ensure improvements and makes public the results on this Website.

Quality Assurance System (QAS) Documentation

The QAS is a documentary quality system, based on the Centre’s Quality Policy, specified in the Quality Manual and displayed in a set of procedures described in the Procedures Manual. All this documentation is public and can be found on the Faculty’s Quality Management System page:

Annual Information on the Quality Assurance System (QAS)

Reports from the Evaluation and Accreditation Directorate of the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge (DEVA)

The Degree is subject to periodic external DEVA reviews. For the degree activities to be initiated, it must be verified, and this initial authorization must be renewed every 4 or 6 years. In the intermediate periods, it is monitored on a two-yearly basis.

Additionally, in the event of any modifications to the Curriculum, these must be favourably assessed.

Each of these milestones -Verification, Renewal of Accreditation, Follow-up, and Modification- have their own reports, which are public and can be consulted on the DEVA Website:

Link to the DEVA Website