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At the following link, you can find the temporary placement of the subjects in the different semesters of the bachelor's degree (timetable).


During the 2022-23 academic year, the 4th year subjects displayed on the web are exclusively aimed at mobility students. From the 2023-24 academic year, they can be enrolled by the rest of the students of this degree.

The Bachelor's Degree in History trains professionals specialized in its field of knowledge, with a solid background in Universal History, the History of Spain, the History of Art and Geography, and in its connections with Anthropology and Philosophy.

The study of History seeks rational and critical knowledge of humanity’s past in order to better understand the present and make it understandable to others. In short, it allows one to unravel the relationship between past events and present processes and problems.

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There are no special requirements for admission to the Degree of History studies other than those required to pass the pre-university studies leading to University access through the various existing routes.

It is only recommended and advised that students are familiar with using information and communication technologies in order to access the Bachelor's Degree work platforms, and to have minimal language skills, preferably in English. Access is possible via any Upper Secondary Education modality.

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Objectives and Competencies

Objectives and Competencies

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Professional and Academic opportunities

Upon completing these studies, graduates will have the academic and employment opportunities listed below:

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Linked with the Bachelor's Degree in Humanities. It links with the Master’s in Social Communication, Historical Analysis of the Present (Inter-University), and Advanced Studies in History: the Western Mediterranean World. Likewise, after completing the Master’s degree, they will be able to access the doctorate studies proposed by this or other universities.

In order to dedicate itself to teaching in Secondary, it is necessary to take the corresponding Master's degree.

Academic opportunities. Relation with other studies

Professional opportunities

History graduates will essentially carry out their professional work, among other activities, in teaching at all levels, in doing research on excavation sites and archaeological studies, in historical dissemination and consultancy, in archives and libraries, in various types of media collaboration, and in international cooperation –especially in the Ibero-American sphere–, as documentalists, and also increasingly in the management of Historical and Cultural Heritage. Aware of these circumstances, the proposed curriculum aims to ensure that the vast majority of graduates are easily employed after completing their studies in work related to the training acquired.

The professional profiles that are most consistent with the Bachelor's Degree include:
-History teaching in Universities, Secondary Education and any other spheres.
-Prospecting, excavating and archaeological studies.
-Historical and cultural heritage management.
-Archives and libraries (in their historical aspect).
-Historical documentation.
-Collaboration in media and publishing houses.
-Cultural advice in public institutions and private companies.
-Public bodies.
-Management of public and private international projects.
-Preparation for the diplomatic career.
-Human resources management.

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