You have already chosen subjects agreed upon by your home coordinator and host coordinator. You have uploaded the document that you and your home coordinator have previously signed, and this has then been signed by your UAL coordinator. Now you can carry out the self-enrolment. This action is essential to become a UAL student.


Self-enrolment is the procedure by which the subject teacher knows that you are enrolled. It is the formula allowing you to appear on the lists and the only way to gain access to the Virtual Classroom. 

If you are not enrolled, you won’t gain access and your grades will not appear.

As part of the enrolment, you choose the group for the subject you wish to study, and thus the corresponding timetable.

You will again receive a notification with a link and a personalized self-enrolment deadline. You will have to select the subjects that appear in your learning agreement and choose the group in which you are going to enrol. To do this, you must check the schedules of these groups on the web to avoid any schedule overlaps. You can ask the ESN association for help setting up your schedule.


In the event that you make changes to your learning agreement, it is vital that you transfer those changes to the self-enrolment, as indicated above. In this case, you will also receive a notification with a Umove link and a personalized deadline.

As part of the enrolment, you have the right to sit two examinations, the ordinary sitting and, only in case of failing or not having taken it, the resit examination for that subject. You do not need to make any prior requests to present yourself for the resit examination. You cannot request a grade improvement for a subject approved in the ordinary examination sitting.