Information and Communication Technologies Area (ATIC)
Publicación web para todos.

Publicación de páginas web institucionales

The UAL Web is organised in such a way that each unit or service is responsible for maintaining the information of its web pages through a Content Manager tool, in a simple and convenient manner, without having to have programming or HTML knowledge. The STIC is responsible for the configuration and maintenance of this Manager, providing the necessary structures for a unit to have its own web page.


Request to obtain access permissions to content manager.

Manual for Concrete5 editors
Manual for Concrete5 editors

Manual for publishing information on pre-authorised pages using the Concrete5 content manager.

Dynamic web publishing (ASP/PHP)

With the aim of facilitating the publication of information on the Web and ensuring that this information is always up-to-date, STIC offers UAL users the option to publish dynamic pages based on ASP (Microsoft Active Server Pages) technology and PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor). You can apply for publication permits through the STIC User Service Centre .

Web publication of personal data

In compliance with Spanish and European legislation on personal data protection, the University of Almería makes this service available to its members for web publication of this type of information. Access to it will be protected by a Virtual Campus username and password, so that only the desired UAL groups will be able to access the information even if the document is accessible from the area of the website that you deem appropriate.

The publication of personal data is a sensitive issue, so we recommend that before doing so you contact the Information Security Commission of theUAL so that you can discuss your need for publication and the Commission can recommend how to do so legally.

Request: you can request from  the STIC that access to such information be protected, through the User Service Centre (, indicating: 

·         File you want to publish (must be attached to the application)

·         Groups that can access the information (Students / Teaching and Research Staff / Administration and Services Personnel)

·         Deadline for publication, after which the document may be withdrawn as recommended by the aforementioned Law. If not indicated, it will be understood to be one year. 

Once the request is received, from the Information Technology and Communications Service, you will be sent the URL that you must copy on your website to access the document. 

Static web publication (html)

Personal pages

All staff can host their personal pages on a UAL web server. The system is limited to 2 GBytes. The request must be made through the STIC's User Service Centre

Here we explain how to upload your pages once you've completed them.

Access to the personal page:

You can access through the URL: or through

Non-personal page (conference, research groups, etc.)

Sometimes it is necessary to build specific web pages for certain purposes such as holding a conference or publishing information from a research group that, due to its nature, cannot be included in the institutional Content Manager.
In these cases, it is the units that want to publish the information that build their own pages. The STIC offers the hosting.

Here we explain how to upload your pages once you've completed them.

Web surveys

You can request access to the Limesurvey web survey creation tool. As always, the request must be made through the STIC User Service Centre .

Access to web surveys