Information and Communication Technologies Area (ATIC)
Hospedaje de servidores de grupos de investigación en el Centro de Proceso de Datos de la UAL


Research Groups that have their own servers can host them in the UAL Data Processing Centre is they wish. The UAL Data Processing Center, located in the CITIC building, has optimal conditions for this type of infrastructure, both for electricity supply (double electrical connections, uninterruptible power supply system), air conditioning (conditions of adequate refrigeration), and for security (fingerprint and/or card access control, video surveillance cameras, fire and early response systems).

The ICT staff will verify the suitability of the equipment in question to be installed in the CPD. For space optimisation, it is required that they the equipment can be "racked".

Help and Support

For any clarification or assistance regarding the Housingservice, you can contact the STIC User Service Centre. Preferably use the web We will attend to you in person at the CAU facilities, in the CITIC Building. Telephone: 950 015999 (85999)

The request must be made by the director of the research group