Information and Communication Technologies Area (ATIC)
Desarrollo y mantenimiento de aplicaciones para la gestión universitaria

Desarrollo de aplicaciones

We develop computer applications to support university management and participate in the implementation of third-party applications. We offer support for errors, integration and data mining for all.
To request a new application, a new functionality on an existing application, communicate an incident or express a doubt, you can do so through our User Service Centre.

Main Areas of Activity

Electronic Administration

Set of applications that serve the electronic administration: Electronic administration portal, Management of Minor Purchases, Processing Platform, Electronic Registration, Permits and Licenses, etc.


Complaints and Suggestions Mailbox Applications and Non-Compliance Management.

Post Office

Management of postage for the University of Almeria

Data Warehouse

Creation of reports and dashboards. Maintenance of information extractors from management applications to the Data warehouse.

Site Management

Physical location management, computer classroom Reservations, free access PCs and library rooms reservation

Academic Management

GAU (University Access), UXXI-AC (Management of Degrees, Masters, Doctorate, Teaching Planning), Teacher Guides, Practicums, Mobility, University Card.

Financial Administration

UXXI-EC, Inventory, Expense Unit Management.

Human Resources

UXXI-RRHH, Social Activity, Contests, Presence Control, Authorisation and Social Security, Skills Management and Training, Pensions

Telephone management

UALPhone. Management of fixed and mobile telephones. Invoicing. Phone Book

Virtual Campus

UAL services portal


The STIC firmly believes that it is a right of its users to be informed of everything related to our activity. In relation to the previous services and to all of those we provide, we offer you information about the requests that come to us, how long it takes us to resolve them, how many times we fail to meet our service time commitments, etc.