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Servicio de Acceso Remoto - VPN

General information

Welcome to the VPN remote access service of the University of Almeria.

If this is your first time using it, we recommend that you visit the FAQ section and review the installation manuals, where you can review its purpose and find out how to configure your access for the various operating systems supported.

Features and Improvements

The new VPN Service offers significant improvements for both security and speed.

Communications will continue to be encrypted, so your data will travel securely over the network. Only the traffic directed to the services offered by the UAL will travel through the VPN connection. Traffic to any other Internet service will travel through its home connection normally, and is thus subject to access and/or security limitations that are carried out from UAL.

This service is multiplatform, which will allow you to access it from Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and MacOS operating systems.

Setup and Configuration

Below you can find a VPN service installation guide for all currently supported operating systems.

Download preconfigured software for UAL (Windows 7 or higher only)

Software download (FortiClient 6.0.x)

FortiClient configuration guides for the UAL in the various operating systems supported:

F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions

What is the VPN remote access service?

A virtual private network or VPN (acronym for virtual private network), is a network technology that allows an extension of the local network over a public network, such as the Internet. This communication is securely established by providing the means to ensure the authentication, integrity and confidentiality of all communication.

To ensure the confidentiality of communications, the VPN service also has an encryption mechanism that prevents information from being intercepted while it travels on the Internet.

What is the VPN remote access service for?

The VPN remote access service allows users to connect to certain areas of the University of Almería's internal network, which due to security requirements must not be accessible to the general public, or accessible from outside the University (e.g. practice servers, personal computers, printers, etc.).

The VPN service allows you to convert any Internet point into an extension of the University network, reproducing the access privileges to the resources you have in your office or laboratory.

Using this service you could, for example, use the office printer from home or access a file on your computer from another university.

Who can access the UAL VPN service?

Any active user of the University of Almeria has access to this service. Depending on the type of user (Staff, Student, etc.), there are different roles with different levels of access to the internal network depending on your needs.

Customer service

Do you have any unanswered questions? Contact us through our customer care centre and we will answer it


Maintenance VPN for external companies

Below you can find an installation guide for the Maintenance VPN service.

Download preconfigured software for UAL (Windows 7 or higher only)

Software download (FortiClient 6.0.x)

Configuration Guide: Windows 7 or higher