Academic Calendar

Course 2017-2018

Key dates:

First semester:
Classes: September 18,2017 - January 19, 2018
Exams: January 22, 2018 - February 06, 2018.                                                    

Second semester:
Classes: February 7, 2018 - June 01, 2018
Exams: June 04, 2018 - June 19, 2018.

Academic Calendar of previous courses

Course 2016-2017

Key dates:

First semester:
Classes: September 19,2016 - January 26, 2017
Exams: January 30, 2017 - February 14, 2017.                                                    

Second semester:
Classes: February 15, 2017 - June 09, 2017
Exams: June 12, 2017 - June 29, 2017.

Course 2015-2016

Course 2014-2015

Relevant information and dates

The academic calendar of the University of Almeria is similar to other Spanish universities. It consists of winter and summer semesters and two vacation periods. Lectures begin at the end of September and the academic year ends in June. Examinations are held at the end of the first semester, in February, and at the end of the second semester, in June. Moreover, there is another examination session in September for those who failed some exams in February or June.

First (winter) semester:
Lectures start: 22nd of September of 2014
Christmas break: from 20nd of December to 7th of January of 2014
Examination period: from 24th of January to 11th of February of 2015

Second (summer) semester:
Lectures start: 12th of February of 2015
Easter Break: from 30th of March to 6th of April of 2015
Examination period: from 6th of June to 27th of June of 2015

It is important to check the academic calendar of the UAL to take into account the dates of the beginning of the academic year, holidays and retakes. Please make sure when booking your flight tickets and accommodation that you are in time.

Course 2013-2014

Course 2012-13

Course 2011-12

Course 2010-11

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