Vicerrectorado de Proyección Internacional
Internacionalización, Movilidad Internacional, Cooperación al Desarrollo

Ahlam Said (2019/20)

Estudios: Grado en Estudios Ingleses

Universidad: The University of Jordan (Jordania)

Instagram: @ahlamnos

What would you recommend to UAL students preparing to spend one semester or year at your University?) 

As a student studying at the University of Jordan; which is considered here in Jordan as the mother of all universities. Our university is an inclusive community that includes students from all backgrounds and countries. In other words, I believe what makes our university really special is the diversity within it; whether academic specialties, intellectual professors and students from all around the world.

As a languages student, I spend most of my time at either the Faculty or the Center of Languages, which I would call a small diverse world within the university. There you can find other language students, learning and practicing together, sharing experiences. All that leads to a better diverse community and skills development. Students at our university are super friendly and easy to talk to. In other words, the Jordanian community is a genuine community that appreciates creating new friendships and sharing the culture.

I recommend students who are planning to study a semester or a year at the University of Jordan to read more about Jordan as a region, climate, culture and overall traditions; to have a slight understanding of what to expect to see in the country in order not to have any form of cultural shock. It is also important to keep in mind Jordan is a safe country with no internal nor external conflict whatsoever. Therefore, no need to get worried in terms of safety. Also, I would recommend learning the Arabic language, at least a bit, to try to communicate with the locals, to widen the circle of friendships, and to better understand the culture and have a deeper interaction with the daily life here. I would recommend to the students to live near the university, as a way to spend less money on transportation. And to ask more than one landlord, to get better prices with best services.

Which are some of your favourite spots at the city/professors at the university/restaurants/trips/special festivities, etc.?

My favorite spots in Amman overall are Downtown “Al balad”/ Citadel/ Al Hussain Mosque/ Bait Baladna Café/ Al Weibdeh/  Almond Coffee House/ Habiba/ Romanian Theatre/ Astrolabe/ Swefieh and Boulevard Abdali.

Why did you decide to study abroad?

To live a new experience, practice the language, widen my perspective in life and meet new friends.

Would you recommend other students to study abroad? 

Of course. Being abroad is part of growing and improving oneself.

Why did you choose Almería?
I chose Almeria because it is a small local city that is peaceful and not too touristic.

What did you expect from Almería/UAL/your experience that turned out to be different from reality?

I would say the interaction with Spanish students inside the university. I found lots of helpful people here.

How much money did you get through your Erasmus+ grant? Was it enough?

Around 4 thousand Euros. Yes, it was enough. Almería is somewhat inexpensive.

Did you take classes in English or Spanish? Was it hard to get used to the language? How long did it take you?

Spanish. It took me a while to get used to the methods of teaching. And of course the language, because some professors would speak super fast and some would have different accents that I would find harder to understand. 

How hard were the classes? Was it difficult to pass? Which were your favourite/least favorite classes/professors?

Classes overall were hard. But I tried my best to study on a daily basis and do all the homework that I had to do. I cannot really say who was my least favorite, but my favorite was Comparative Literature with Professor Miguel Gallego Roca.

If you could change something, what would you do differently before/after your study abroad experience?

I would try to enjoy my experience more than just having to worry about my studying.

Was it hard to find accommodation? Any advice for future students?

Yes. Try to look as much as you can, to get an apartment close to a bus station, close to a supermarket, close to either the center or the beach. Either El Centro or Zapillo.

What did you think of the atmosphere at your home/Exchange university?

It was really nice and chill.

How do you think this experience has changed you?

I am able to adapt easier to the circumstances, becoming more understanding of differences between cultures, more responsible, more confident and I am looking forward to travelling around the world.